Tuesday Treat: Chris Pine aka James T. Kirk of Star Trek

It’s time for a sexy Tuesday Treat. May I present…

Chris Pine:

Chris Pine

At a yummy 33 years-old, Chris Pine is the new Captain James T. Kirk in the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies. The latest installment, Star Trek Into Darkness was released May 16, 2013. I haven’t yet seen it, but I remember that after the first Star Trek that came out in 2009 (well, the new first Star Trek), all I could think about for a week was a certain Mr. Chris Pine.

He hasn’t been around that long in the movie world. His debut film was in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement with Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews. He was adorable, very sweet looking, though I found him almost too pretty for my taste. Chris Pine 5 However, as he’s grown older, he’s become much sexier, imho.

Over 6 feet tall, Chris earned his BA from University of California at Berkeley in English in 2002. UCB is in my back yard–if I’d only known I would have gone and hunted him down. 😉 After graduating, he went to acting school in both England and then back in San Francisco.

Before the latest installment of Star Trek, he last three movies Chris was in were:

  • Rise of the Guardians, as Jack Frost (voice)
  • People Like Us, as Sam
  • This Means War as FDR Foster

I’d wanted to see all three of those movies, so Netflix, here I come.

Finally, a fun bit of trivia about Chris. He has a fan club called the Pine-Nuts, he comes from a family of actors (his dad is Robert Pine–you probably know him from CHiPs), he’s a Laker’s fan, he plays tennis, and he’s apparently afraid of the dark. That’s okay, baby. I’ll keep you safe.

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Finally, what’s in Chris’ future? You mean besides me? (hehehe). Scheduled for a Christmas release, Chris stars in the movie Jack Ryan with Keira Knightley and Kevin Costner. It’s a drama/suspense flick directed by Kenneth Branagh. Jack Ryan is a CIA operative who uncovers a Russian plot to destroy the US economy through terrorist acts. Looking forward to Christmas Day!

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