Snippet Sunday #18 Rodger goes alpha

Gerard Butler angry

Welcome, welcome to Snippet Sunday-ers and Weekend Writing Warriors.  I’ve skipped ahead a bit from last week, but we’re still at the hospital. Angela, Rachel’s daughter is in a coma. Rachel has just found out that her ex-husband is suing for custody so that he can make Angela’s care decisions. Rodger was with her when she received the news. What would any good man do in his shoes? 🙂

“Good luck with that.” Hank’s voice came at them, slithering into her ears. Rachel jerked her head toward the door to see her ex-husband walk through. That sneer of his was plastered on his face. What she wouldn’t do to scratch at it until it was stripped away in bloody ribbons.

I hate you.

Suddenly, Rachel was left standing alone, Rodger’s body no longer supporting hers. She watched in horrified glee as Rodger grabbed Hank’s shirt in his fists and shoved him up against the wall.

“You son of a bitch,” Rodger snarled. “Someone should put you out of your misery.”

Here’s a link to the blurb for Swashbuckler > 

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