Snippet Sunday #21 Look Into My Eyes

Welcome, welcome to Snippet Sunday-ers and Weekend Writing Warriors.  Just one more snippet from Swashbuckler. Hope you don’t mind. It’s a complete shift from last week–an intimate, sexy moment between Rachel and Rodger. They’re in her bathroom, facing a mirror.

Rodger took a step behind Rachel and pressed his body against hers.

“Better?” he asked as his arms slipped in front of her and under her shirt. She leaned back into him as his thumbs tweaked her nipples. She moaned and closed her eyes, relaxing into the heavenly sensation.

“Open your eyes, Rachel.” She did, looking at his reflection. Eyes almost glowing with desire. Eyes that wanted  her. He smiled with those eyes and lifted her shirt over her head then pulled off the useless, unclasped bra.

couple in mirror

Click the pic for a little movie…Not quite the image in my mind, but hot nonetheless!

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