One lucky bitch-thanks to SFA

Today I am grateful for being a member of the San Francisco Area of Romance Writers of America.

SFAYesterday we had our monthly meeting–the presenter was Corrine Jackson, speaking on the importance of and how-to’s of social media. The meeting was informative and it was wonderful to connect with the women I’ve grown to admire and love. However, it was the little insights and resulting feelings for which I’m most grateful:

  • Realization that it’s okay to have pulled away from writing and social media these past few months. I wasn’t abandoning myself.
  • My daughter, and my relationship with her is so very special. I take it with me where I go, tucking our shared connection into my heart.
  • There were four of us yesterday, wounded, reaching for healing through writing and the comfort of female energy. I can still feel the white sinews of deep, pure love connecting us.

I don’t know where I would be right now if I hadn’t joined SFA back in September, 2010. This group and the women in it have been my life raft. I’m one lucky bitch that I took this path when I found it. 🙂

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