Sixth Lover by Alice Gaines

Wow! An intensely erotic, love-driven story I couldn’t put down. The Sixth Lover is a tale of self-discovery, experimentation of the erotic, and the ultimate pursuit of ever-lasting, monogamous love.

Carole Rutherford is a forty-year-old widow who has never known passion. Though she loved her deceased, much older husband, she now longs for that elusive ‘something’ she never had in her marriage bed. Along comes a letter from a stranger who writes that he has never been able to forget her. From the safety of distance, anonymity, and the seduction of words, Carole begins an adventure that ultimately brings her to the arms of her mystery admirer.

I was thrilled reading about a 40 year-old heroine who’s on an erotic quest for love. She isn’t sexually experienced in the beginning, but she is mature and has already lived a life. This comes through in her interactions with others–she feels sympathy, understanding, and approaches her experiences with just the perfect balance of emotions and physical pleasure. Carole is a woman I can relate to, even though everything else about her life is at odds with mine (wealthy, no children, oh, and alive during the turn of the 20th century). And I don’t think I’d cross the world to be with a man I’d never met in person. . . though I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure through Carole!

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