Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler~Meeting Roger

I’ve picked up Swashbuckler, my contemporary romance, and have been editing up a storm. Hopefully it will be ready soon to go off to some beta readers. 🙂

Rachel and Roger are the lucky couple who fall in love and get their HEA. This snippet is from Rachel’s POV and takes place after a phone conversation with Roger, who she’s yet to meet in person.

Oh. My. God. Did she have a date with Roger Conrad? No, it’s a meeting, you idiot. Oh! My! God! She was going to meet Roger Conrad! As giddy as a teenager, Rachel jumped up and down, squealing, bouncing around the living room.

She shook her body in disbelief, bringing her excitement down a notch. It could still be a joke and wouldn’t she feel like a fool if it was? Only one way to find out if this call was for real–Sunday, three o’clock.

Shit. What was she going to wear to a meeting with a hot, famous actor?


Is their love real or fiction?

Rachel Shepherd knows she is a victim of a practical joke. After all, why would Roger Conrad, the hunky, A-list actor of her dreams, be calling her? But when they meet, sparks fly, and Rachel’s reality is turned upside down. Can she trust this is real? Or will he leave her hanging just like every other man in her life has done?

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