Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler~Meeting Rodger #2

Welcome to Snippet Sunday. This week’s excerpt comes a few pages after last week’s. It’s from Rachel’s POV and she’s arrived at the hotel where she’s supposed to meet Rodger Conrad, an actor who has signed on to play the role of Rachel’s Swashbuckler hero. Mona is Rachel’s best friend.

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The ornately-gilded clock in the Fairmont’s lobby read three-fifteen. The BART train from the suburbs to San Francisco had been delayed. She glanced at her reflection in a mirror, admiring the suit. It had been a splurge, along with the powder-blue, lace panties and bra that were scratching her skin. She groaned and shifted her weight in the spiked heels Mona had begged her to wear. They weren’t that high, not quite ‘fuck-me’ shoes, but high enough for Rachel to feel daring for wearing them.

As Mona had pointed out, how many time in life would she meet a world famous actor? She needed to be prepared.

Rachel snorted. She’d never pull off flirting with, let alone seducing, Rodger Conrad. But at least she could enjoy the fantasy playing in her head.

5 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler~Meeting Rodger #2

  1. I sometimes think the point of fancy underwear and fashionable shoes is to distract one from any potential embarrassment through sheer discomfort—but maybe that’s just me? 😀

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