Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler–Meeting Rodger #5

Happy Spring Equinox and welcome to another week of Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors. I’m continuing with Swashbuckler, my contemporary romance. We’re building up to the moment that Rachel, a teacher-turned-writer, meets Rodger, an A-list actor who is going to play the hero in a movie based on her book. Please excuse the creative punctuation in order to bring it down to eight sentences (is that cheating???).

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Her self-confidence wavered and she swallowed; what if Rodger didn’t show, or worse yet, what if this had all been a joke at her expense? Rachel nodded to the host, deciding to splurge on a Cosmopolitan so that she had something in her hand to keep her busy–and to calm her nerves–and to make her not appear a loser if Rodger didn’t show…or had already left…or had never really existed at all.

“What do you mean you can’t change the flight?” a man’s voice bellowed through the lobby. “What the hell am I paying you for?” Everyone turned to look at that voice. Rachel stopped breathing as she saw the familiar face walking straight toward them. Spurred to action, the host clawed at Rachel’s elbow and tried to steer her to the bar, away from the six-foot-two of casual sexy bearing down. Her eyes were riveted on the scowling Mr. Rodger Conrad as he continued to yell into the phone.

cosmo drink

21 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler–Meeting Rodger #5

  1. Not a promising beginning, as far as Rodger making a good impression, but at least she’ll be on her guard. Really enjoyed the excerpt! Wonder how Rodger will try to recover…

  2. Oh, that first para is fantastic–showing her insecure thoughts! And this is genius wordplay: “…the six-foot-two of casual sexy bearing down…” Nice. It’s tempting to run, but I’d stick around, lol!

  3. LOL – this is great! I’m right there with her, tense and nervous, and then girlishly gawking when he finally shows 😀

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