Tuesday Treat~Zach McGowan Arrrr!

It’s time for a new Tuesday Treat. I’ve found a new show to call my own and I’m sticking to this one because it’s about p-i-r-a-t-e-s and I’m all about pirates these days. I’m working on Swashbuckler, after all, and even though it’s a contemporary romance, the heroine has written a story of a pirate. A Scottish pirate. Who is the played by an actor. A Scottish actor. I’ve always known that I’d eventually write the “original” Swashbuckler but I don’t know much about pirates… then suddenly Black Sails, a Starz original series set sail in January. I watched the first two episodes this evening and I’m hooked. Hardy har har. Get it?

Now I’m in love. Now I have my muses. Now I bring you the first of my pirates.

Zach McGowan.

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Zach plays Captain Vane and he’s not a good guy. However, he’s definitely an alpha male, and we have to love those alphas. Plus, there must be some good in him because he pines away for the main female character (I’ve conveniently forgotten her name because it seems like everyone’s in love with her and I’m slightly jealous).

Zach, the actor, is from New York, he’s of Irish and Jewish descent, he’s married and lives in California. Before landing the role in Black Sails, he was a guest, then a regular on Shameless, a Showtime original staring William H Macy and Joan Cusack. If you’ve seen the show, please let me know if it’s any good. Zach also apparently has joined the cast of Dracula Untold, a movie to be released in October of this year.

On a side note, I can see Zach on the cover of a romance novel, can’t you? He has those eyes, that chest, a face that’s yummy and looks a bit dangerous. I think he’s sexier with short hair, but the long hair look puts him right there with other cover models.

What do you think? Should we put him in touch with Jimmy Thomas? ;-D

Here’s some links for more details on Zach:
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