Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler~Meeting Rodger #6

Thank you for stopping by for this week of Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors. This snippet needs a bit of a set-up (sorry about that). Rachel is meeting with Rodger, an actor who is playing the character of Sir Rohbert MacLeod, the hero in a book Rachel wrote. Rodger did not give the best first impression, but he’s worked hard to redeem himself and he’s started to “play” his part for Rachel.

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“I do not intent to wound, Sir MacLeod, just to speak the truth,” Rachel answered in her best English accent which was, well. . . horrible. Rodger opened his mouth, to laugh or say something, Rachel wasn’t sure, when at that moment a young woman came up to the table with a napkin and pen in hand.

“Excuse me, Rodger, will you please sign an autograph?” Rachel saw annoyance flit over Rodger’s features, but then just as quickly disappear as he turned to his fan. He smiled, signed the autograph, and then dismissed her by turning back to Rachel.

“Where were we, m’Lady?” he asked Rachel, reaching for her hand across the table. She swallowed her jitters, determined to take in this moment. After all, he was playing Rohbert; she could play along.


20 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler~Meeting Rodger #6

  1. Love this and her “horrible” English accent. I love characters who can laugh at themselves. That’s one of the Galloway family’s (of “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny” fame) Ten Commandments: “Thou shalt laugh at thyself.”

  2. This is a neat moment—I love couples who can be goofy together. 🙂

    (did I miss the restaurant host groveling? Is it in the book? Just asking . . .)

  3. He was polite to the fan even though she annoyed him so that’s in his favor. I think he’s redeeming himself with Rachel.

  4. I see Rodger was upset to be interrupted, but at least satisfied the fan with an autograph and didn’t throw a fit. Great manners even if the fan lacked it. Interesting snippet. I’m intrigued to know more about these two.

  5. I like that I don’t know what’s going on with him. On one had he seems fake and dismissive with his fan, on the other he could be annoyed at being interrupted when he’s trying to focus on Rachel, and smiles and signs to be polite. I like that I can’t peg him yet. Leaves room for surprises.
    The Murders of Polly Frisch

  6. lol – she’s a little unsure of herself but he’s all self-confident! You got a lot into a short space and it all flows like an unobstructed river 🙂

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