Tuesday Treat~Enrique Iglesias

Heart pounding. Delicious. Sexy. Adorable. Fantasy. Yummy. Yep–I luhv Enrique.

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Are all of his songs phenomenal? No, I’ll admit it. However, he mixes the visual so astoundingly well with the music that it’s hard not to effected. Take ‘Hero’ for example, released a long time ago, with Jennifer Love Hewitt staring in the video. H-o-t and steamy sexy.

Yes, I’d dance if you asked me to dance. Yes, I’d cry if I saw you crying.

But then Enrique did two things between 2001 and 2010. First, He mastered social media which enabled him to expand his fan base beyond 13-year-old girls. To give you an idea, he has 43 million likes on Facebook and 7.2 million followers on Twitter. He also just released an app on iTunes, soon to be released for Android. You have to give the man props for that.

Enrique also started doing videos in Spanish with other singers/performers. Most are club-y renditions (okay) but some pay pure homage to love. Ballads that make my heart weep for the fantasy of what love could be, should be, especially in Enrique’s arms. Sigh. Who knows? Maybe it’s just the Spanish that’s responsible for what Enrique does to me–Spanish was made for poetry and lyrics.

Click on some links below. I dare ya. 😉

The other thing I love about Enrique, vis a vis my fantasies of him? He’s old. Well, relatively speaking. Enrique is thirty-eight. Yippee! I’m not old enough to be his mother or his babysitter. This small age difference gives me permission to have dirty fantasies about him without feeling like a dirty old lady. It’s crazy, I get it. Please don’t tell anyone that I’m a bit loca…

Some stats: Enrique is 6′ 2″, was born in Spain, raised mostly in Miami. Yes, his father is Julio Iglesias so I guess that romance runs in his blood. He’s one of the best selling, Spanish singing, cross-over male stars and has had multiple top selling hits around the world. There’s tons of info on him and I’ve included the links below if you feel so inspired to take a look.

Official website






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