Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler~Date With Rodger #9

Thank you for stopping by for Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors.

(And Happy Mother’s Day! My daughter came home from the hospital with me exactly 15 years ago today. Time really does fly by…)

This week’s Snippet is short (blast this 8 sentence limit!) and continues from last week. Rachel is on an unexpected date with Rodger. He’s an A-list actor and Rachel’s a little star-struck. To fill the awkward silence, Rachel comes up with a brilliant question, asking if the weather in Scotland is similar to the weather in San Francisco.

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Rodger smiled and reached out his hand, “Aye, in some ways.” He touched her hair, caressing its strands before tucking some behind her ear. She hoped he didn’t notice the tremor that went through her. “You had a ride-along,” he explained, holding up a leaf.

“Thanks.” The darkness of the cab hid her blush–she hoped. Rachel looked forward again, deciding that the taxi driver was a much safer focal point. 


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