Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler #10~Date With Rodger

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Rachel is on an unexpected date with Rodger. He’s an A-list actor and Rachel’s a little (a lot) star-struck. At this point, she’s not really sure what to say. [For reference, Rodger is Scottish and he’ll be playing a Scottish privateer named Rohbert in a movie he’s just been cast in.]

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Thankfully, Rodger picked up the conversation, describing how the weather was different. From there he led the topic to driving on the wrong side of the road.

This has to be a dream; someone pinch me. She heard herself laugh at something, though she couldn’t recall what Rodger’d said.

Rodger leaned closer to her as the wailing and blaring of a fire truck drove past. She felt his breath on her hair; another shiver of pleasure snaked its way through her body. “The accent I’m to have as Rohbert is a bit different than the one I speak normally,” Rodger said, continuing with the random topics.

“If you say so,” Rachel finally managed to find her voice. “To tell the truth, I can’t even hear the difference between a Scottish and Australian accent.” 

Can you just imagine Gerard whispering in your ear?

Can you just imagine Gerard whispering in your ear?

13 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler #10~Date With Rodger

  1. I love the way she’s so into the moment. But I wonder how he’ll feel about her honesty about not being able to tell which accent he’s using.

  2. Lucky girl. I’d hope I could find a topic of conversation if it were me and Sean Connery! But yes, I think that admission about accents will not endear her to him. Loved your snippet!

  3. I’m not sure I’d care which accent he was using, as long as he was using it in my ear. 🙂

    I’m with Paula—I like her dream-like state of disbelief.

  4. Wonderful snippet! I especially liked the same line that P.T. did. Great way to write the reader into the scene, Karysa. 🙂 And that pic of Gerard made it perfect. lol.

  5. Wow she can’t hear the different between Scottish and Australian, that’s a huge one. I wonder what he is going to answer to that, somehow, that annihilate all his efforts.

  6. I really like this line: “She heard herself laugh at something, though she couldn’t recall what Rodger’d said.” I love the whole sense of how surreal it feels to her.

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