Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler #12~Date With Rodger

I’m thrilled to be back after a two week hiatus. Sunday is the best day of the week because of Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors. 🙂 I love making the rounds and catching up with the latest installment of snippets. And of course, the comments I get on the writing I share are invaluable to me–am I on the right track? do I have too many ‘ing’s? is the action clear? the dialogue funny and realistic? THANK YOU to all who leave a comment!

This snippet is from Swashbuckler, my contemporary romance that’s with an editor right now. Rachel is a bit star-struck with her date, an A-list actor who also happens to play the leading role in her fantasies. (If you haven’t read the other installments, it makes sense that she’s on a date with him. Just go with it.)

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The cab ride mercifully ended and Rachel nearly jumped out before the vehicle had come to a complete stop. She followed Rodger into the dark pub that smelled of fried potatoes and fish and whiskey and beer. Customers dug into their food; modern bagpipe music played from some hidden speakers. She’d heard of this place before, but had never made it in for a visit. Her stomach growled.

“By the way, I don’t bite,” Rodger said as they sat at a table in the back corner.

With a solid object between them, Rachel felt brave enough to look at him again. He wasn’t smiling.

ewan mcgregor frowning


29 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler #12~Date With Rodger

  1. Great description of the setting. (I need to take lessons from you…) Quite a different place than where they’d met, isn’t it? And add me to the list of people who are wondering about his lack of a smile.

  2. I’m ready to book a table at this place, sounds so good! Excellent description. I’m a little puzzled by the way these two react to each other, as Siobhan said above, but can’t wait to find out more. Great 8!

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