Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler #16~The Beginning

Welcome, welcome! I’m redoing the 1st scenes of Swashbuckler and I would greatly appreciate feedback. I’m starting at the very beginning and this Snippet is only about three paragraphs in. Setup: Rachel is at a Hollywood-esque party with Anne, her agent. The first few lines before these described the glitz and glam as well as described how much Rachel feels out of her element.

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Anne wrapped her arm around Rachel and gave her a comforting squeeze. “Now, relax and enjoy yourself. I’ll introduce you to a few people and the evening will be over before you know it.”

Rachel let her stiff body be maneuvered across the room, mutely smiling and nodding at the made-up faces perusing hers. Her own smile probably looked as fake as theirs. But at least these people belonged here. She was just an interloper.

It was a complete and total fluke that her book was being made into a movie.

Guess who she meets at the party? 🙂

The type of setting for the party.

The type of setting for the party.

18 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler #16~The Beginning

  1. So uncomfortable feeling like an interloper. And such a typical writer reaction – every writer I know vacillates between total confidence and total feeling like a fake. Great snippet.

  2. Great snippet! Like so many here, I can definitely relate. Having my book turned into a movie would be a dream come true- dealing with the Hollywood stuff, not so much. Parties- Ack! 🙂

  3. Do most writers think that acceptance of their work is a fluke? I hear that a lot from friends! 🙂

    Rachel is such a wonderful character, Karysa. It’s so easy to sympathize with her.

  4. enjoyed the 8. You were able to convey Rachel’s feelings clearly and I felt almost uneasy for her being there. Good job!

  5. I like this! Definitely shows us how out of place Rachel feels, and lets us know there’s a good reason for her to be in an uncomfortable situation. She comes across to me as very likable.

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