My Favorite Things: I Collect Dead People

Emz Newz

Name: Karysa Faire
Current obsession: Family History

I collect dead people: their pictures, their memories, their descendants. My summers are devoted to this collecting habit. My vacations are planned to accommodate my collection. It’s an addiction, really.

WoodwardMy “collection” is the research of my family history. In high school I was given an assignment to make a family tree, going back as far as we could. Since I needed extra credit to pass the class, I trekked out to the Mormon Temple in Oakland, California (this was pre-internet-in-every-home). I still remember the thrill I felt when I FOUND my great-great grandfather’s family in one of the 1800 census in Decatur County, Georgia. Then there was a super-thrill when I researched back ten more years in the census records and found the family again. These microfiche machines were amazing! Yes, it was time consuming. Yes, there were dead-ends. However, the reward of finding…

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