Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler #24

And another week has passed and it’s finally Sunday. Thank you for stopping by for a visit! Have I mentioned that I love Snippet Sunday? It so much fun to share what I’m writing–it also helps keep me on track. 🙂

Setup: This week’s snippet takes place at the Hollywood-esq party–and industry shindig to announce the name of the actor playing to lead role in the movie, Swashbuckler. Rachel just realized that she’d been chatting up the actor’s best friend and feels she made a fool out of herself by admitting to Todd (the friend) that she’s a a huge fan (the jumping up-and-down probably gave it away). The first person to speak is Mona, Rachel’s friend/agent. Todd and Rodger (the actor) are across the room.

     “Uh, Rachel, you are a fan. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.”
     “But I’m not—oh who the hell am I kidding? You’re right I’m a fan.”
     As Rachel made the admission, Todd looked up as if he’d heard her. He smiled then leaned in to say something to Rodger. Rodger looked up and across the room, in the direction of where Rachel and Mona stood.
     Rachel’s heart stopped.
     Rodger stared for a moment. He then shook his head, a frown on his face, and turned back toward Todd.

gerard butler

9 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday’s Swashbuckler #24

  1. Uh oh, that moment didn’t go well for her. Makes me sad for her and I’m sure she’s thinking all kinds of negative things – great job making this all so real! Excellent excerpt.

  2. Ugh! I’d want to run out of there. My imagination would conjure up the worst possible reasons that he’d frowned and then looked away. Your writing is very fluid, Karysa. 🙂

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