Snippet Sunday – I’m Back!

Hi Sunday Snippetters! It’s so wonderful to be back writing and reading and having time for fiction. Fiction is so much more fun than non-fiction. 🙂

For the next few weeks I’ll be sharing snippets from my 1st novel, Swashbuckler. It’s currently out on submission (I finally took that step!) and now the waiting begins. However, I have a new series in the planning stages and I’ll start sharing snippets from the first book soon. But more of that series later…

Set up: Rodger has swept Rachel away for a romantic get-away in the Napa Valley. Seduction is about to be served. Please feel free to give me feedback–let me know if you see typos or if something is unclear. Thanks so much!!!!

A few minutes later they turned left onto a gravel road and passed under a black arch decorated with iron-wrought grape vines. A procession of trees shaded the road until it came to a dead-end in front of a round-about.


The two story, white house was outlined with dark-green and Cabernet-red trim on its windows and doorways. Large succulents decorated the front area, lining paths that disappeared around the side of the structure. Off to the right Rodger noticed a large gazebo sheltering a few tables and chairs. He chuckled at the fountain of a Greek god pouring wine into a glass until it ran over and flooded his feet. Dionysus, he guessed, god of wine and patron of the arts.

Hope you come back next week to see what romantic activities Rodger has in store. I had a lot of fun writing about their weekend and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.



16 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – I’m Back!

  1. So glad you’re back, Karysa. 🙂 Love the imagery in this snippet.

    Saw some of your photos at RT. Looks like you had fun. 🙂

  2. Welcome back, Karysa. I take it RT was very fruitful in terms of motivation and inspiration, yes? Good snippet. 🙂

    • Why yes, it was! 🙂 It also coincides with my finishing up a year-long project for the day job, so I’m eager and anxious and excited and thrilled to get back into writing!!!!!

  3. Welcome back! This is a great opening snippet that hooked me already, even without any dialogue. And “story” should only be “storey” if you’re writing in British English and not American. Also, you don’t need the comma after “story” because it’s a cumulative adjective in this case. Sorry if that’s more than you wanted to know. Sometimes I can’t restrain my grammar nerdiness! 😉

    • Thanks, Joyce. No, definitely NOT more than I wanted to know! I was wondering about the story vs. storey and was about to go do some exploring on the internet. You saved me the time. 🙂

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