Snippet Sunday – Swashbuckler on a picnic

Welcome back and thank you for stopping by and reading this snippet from Swashbuckler, my contemporary romance. Comments and feedback are appreciated!

Set-up: Rodger has taken Rachel away for a weekend up in the Napa Valley area of California (wine country, for those not in the know). They’re on a picnic. They’re both intent on a slow seduction.

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Celebrating their love

“Don’t we have the whole weekend up here?” Rachel turned to her side and draped her arm over his waist.

“Yes,” Rodger smiled at her and gave a soft kiss on the forehead. “No, we’re not in a hurry, but I think you’ll like what’s up next.” He kissed the end of her nose, a light touch before pulling back.

“Let’s stay here for a little bit.” She settled next to Rodger’s body. A sigh bubbled up, then escaped, as she kissed his lips. Once, twice.

“I could get used to this.” Rodger’s arms wrapped around her. His hand slipped under the back of her shirt and smoothed itself over her bare skin. She couldn’t help but do the same. A sound caught in his throat and he claimed her mouth in a longer, deeper kiss than the one she’d given him.

I could get used to this, too.

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