Editing Services

DO YOU NEED AN EDITOR? Do you need help in finding those blasted typos? Another opinion on the word usage of a love/fight/betrayal/final climax scene? Help on drafting an inquiry letter or blog post? Editing covers a wide range of services-from as simple as proofreading a blog post to as complex as molding plot and character development of a 120,000 word novel.

Critique groups help us grow and improve as writers. Our friends and family help us find courage in ourselves through their support and positive feedback. However, a professional editor is the person who, with a fresh set of eyes and a broader range of expertise, can help transform your work into a polished piece, ready for submission or even self-publication.

The best editor is the one who works with you, listening to and respecting your voice as a writer, but helping to give additional clarity and strength to that voice as needed.

My Background

A little bit about my background: I’m a voracious reader of romance (urban fantasy, historical, paranormal, contemporary) and other genres as well. I never go anywhere without a book. I love reading a well-crafted story, no matter what the genre. Language is beautiful and I definitely have a love-thang going on with it.

I’m very good at reading for both details (typos, missteps in flow of action, incorrect words, e.g. ‘their’ instead of ‘there’ or ‘they’re’) and for overall clarity and organization. Being a teacher for ten years, of course, has trained me for this. However, more importantly, I really enjoy reading a person’s work and giving suggestions, feedback, or even just sharing with her or him my response as a reader. There are a multitude of ways to write and use language-my goal as an editor is to help the writer have as strong a voice as possible, at whatever level s/he needs.


I always review the work before giving you an estimate of fees. For novels and novellas, I like to review one chapter (no more than 10 manuscript pages, or approximately 2,500 words). I do this to get an idea of what level of editing the work might need. After seeing a sample, I can give you a specific quote and timeline commitment, and then you can decide if I’m the right editor for you.


There are different levels of editing services available. Depending on what you need/want, my rates range from $.01/word to $.10/word and are lower than the suggested rate for professional freelance editors. At the bottom of the page is a chart of the type of editing work I do.

What’s Next

Contact me and let’s talk!

Type of Work Estimated Pace of Work
Copyediting, Basic

  • Typos
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Consistency in font/layout
  • Light word choice suggestions for clarity or stronger voice
10—20 pgs/hr
Copyediting, HeavyAll of the above PLUS

  • Consistency in tone, flow and narration
  • Clarity
  • Point of view
  • Sentence structure
  • Heavy word choice suggestions for clarity or stronger voice
5—10 pgs/hr
Developmental editingAll of the above PLUS

  • Restructuring for stronger story, transitions, and content
1–5 pgs/hr

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