Is their love real or fiction?

Rachel Shepherd knows she is a victim of a practical joke. After all, why would Roger Conrad, the hunky, A-list actor of her dreams, be calling her? But when they meet, sparks fly, and Rachel’s reality is turned upside down. Can she trust this is real? Or will he leave her hanging just like every other man in her life has done?

Rachel is a teacher who’s picked up the pieces of her life following a horrible marriage. She’d thought her ex-husband was the man of her dreams. He wasn’t. She’s moved on by writing a sizzling romance novel that’s been picked up by Hollywood.

Roger is an actor who doesn’t trust women. He’s made bad choices in his past that have come to haunt him in the present, especially the choice that came packaged with blond hair, large breasts, and a marriage that was doomed from the start. He doubts there is a woman alive who can love him for who he is, and not for his fame or for the fantasy he presents to the world.

Both Rachel and Roger have been burned by love, trusting a reality that turned out only to be a fantasy. When business brings them together and Rachel’s book meets Roger’s movie, the mutual attraction is overpowering and undeniable. But after an intimate, passionate night together, both are left with emotions they weren’t expecting. Emotions that feel a lot like love.

Rachel is convinced that she’s only fallen for the fantasy of Roger Conrad—after all, the hero in her book was based on Roger. Just thinking about his green eyes, dark curls, and broad shoulders was enough to put her in a swoon even before she had met him face-to-face. After she spends an evening, then a night, then months of communicating with him by email, she begins to trust that this sexy, romantic, complex man is the real deal and not just a figment of her imagination.

Roger quickly recognizes the feelings he has for Rachel go deeper than physical attraction. He is cautious but thrilled to have found a woman who is sexy, intelligent, and seems more interested in books than in movies. The challenge is convincing her that he is not the womanizer the media has portrayed him to be. Finally, he breaks through her walls and allows himself to dream of a future with her.

Unfortunately, Roger is not the only one who makes mistakes with the media. Rachel, under the pressure of the new limelight and a few too many drinks, admits to something that turns all of Roger’s assumptions of her upside down, triggering his own fears of trusting women. He severs the budding relationship without telling Rachel why, abandoning her to her vicious imagination, and playing to her fears that Roger Conrad was just a fantasy.

Eventually, with a few more twists and turns, Rachel realizes that Rodger is a man she can rely on. He learns to trust that Rachel is honest in her love for him. They both finally let down those walls, and have their HEA. After all, sometimes reality is sweeter than fantasy.


Karysa Faire is a high school biology teacher by day, a romance and erotica writer by night (and during vacations). Drawing from her own life, there is always a bit of travel in her stories, exquisite personal challenges to be overcome, and a sensual blending of fantasy and reality.

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  20. LOVE IT! Please finish swashbuckler and let me put in my order for 6 copies now! Rachel has a backbone. The pretty boy Roger has met his match!

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