100WordsADay Challenge

ROUND TWO of 100 Words/Day

WHAT: Write 100 words/day on your work in progress (blog posts, emails, etc. do NOT count).
WHEN: Friday, August 19th–Sunday, November 27th
WHERE: Here, your blog (if you have one), Facebook, & Twitter

First time around I didn’t write as many words as I had hoped. However, I DID write more than I had in a long time. So, I’m going to do this puppy again.

One of the things that really helps me to keep me writing is accountability to others. I’d like to think I’m strong enough to keep myself motivated, but experience would say otherwise. It’s the ‘other people watching’ element that helps me stay on course (which is kind of creepy if I think about it).

So, come be a voyeur. Better yet, be a participant. Sign up on the Linky tools down at the bottom of the page and commit yourself to writing at least 100 words/day for the next 100 days. Dedicate a page on your blog to and go visit others who are participating. That way, we can check in on one another. I’ll be updating my progress on this page.

Of course, you can find us on Facebook. And Twitter. Come join!

TOTAL WORDS for First Round: 15, 131 words
Total days writing: 40/100

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Monday 9/5 Day 18:

Sunday 9/4 Day 17: 151 words

Saturday 9/3 Day 16: 286 words

Friday 9/2 Day 15: No words 😦

Thursday 9/1 Day 14: No words 😦

Wednesday 8/31 Day 13: No words 😦

Tuesday 8/30 Day 12: No words 😦

Monday 8/29 Day 11: No words 😦

Sunday 8/28 Day 10: No words 😦

Saturday 8/27 Day 9: No words 😦

Friday 8/26 Day 8: 511 words

Thursday 8/25 Day 7: 459 words

Wednesday 8/24 Day 6: No words 😦

Tuesday 8/23 Day 5: 303 words

Monday 8/22 Day 4: 510 words

Sunday 8/21 Day 3: 50 words

Saturday 8/20 Day 2: 114 words

Friday 8/19 Day 1: Here we go. So excited to be taking the journey once again. Total word count: 381!

Share your thoughts. . .

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