Powerful Women Worth Knowing

What is a Powerful Woman? 

A Powerful Woman is one who can inspire and motivate; a woman who can change or influence another person’s life. A Powerful Woman is one who leaves a legacy of making the world a better place through her direct contact with others or through the memory of her time on this planet. There are so many powerful women who have lived and passed into history, some known some remembered, and many who aren’t remembered. There are also powerful, amazing women alive today who should be known, should be an inspiration for girls who desperately need more than actresses and sports stars as role models. Note: At least the number of female sports stars is growing–many more today than even ten years ago. As I discover or am reminded of these women, I’ll place their names here. Please feel free to explore the links. And please feel free to recommend someone you’ve heard of–there’s a form at the bottom of the page just for that purpose. 🙂

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Nellie Bly (pen name) Elizabeth Jane Cochrane (real name)
Shakuntala Devi; Known as the Human Computer
Dr. Claudia Alexander: Space Scientist

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